5 Reasons Why Buying Local is Good For You & The Planet

5 Reasons Why Buying Local is Good For You & The Planet


We’ve all been told that buying local is a good thing, but why? Read on to find out why you should care about it and where you can shop to make a start!


  1. Buying local promotes local wealth and jobs –By spending your money locally you’re keeping the pounds and pennies within the local economy, rather than giving it to a larger, international company. By supporting your local businesses, you’re also promoting jobs. Our members currently employ over 110 people within the Dee Valley. Working for a local food business can be an interesting, fulfilling job with opportunities for professional development and chances to meet and socialise with the people who live around you. The more you support local businesses the more secure these 110 jobs will be. Keep supporting them and they’ll be able to recruit more people!


  1. Buying local reduces the fossil fuels used – The distance your food product travels to get to you (the consumer) is considerably shorter than those that you buy in a supermarket. Check out Llangollen Oggie and Fine Foods (https://www.llangollenoggieshop.com/) … some of their sausages come from Pen-Y-Lan Pork (https://www.penylanpork.com/) a farm less than 10 miles away. As each gallon of petrol creates 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, simply by purchasing a product that is grown or made locally to you, you are helping reduce fossil fuel use and tackle climate change! And it’s so easy!


  1. You know when your product comes from – Whether it’s drinking a bottle of Rosie’s Triple D Cider, where each bottle of cider only contains delicious pressed apples grown on the tops of the Dee Valley (http://www.rosiescider.co.uk) or by washing your hands with one of Llanvalley’s goat milk soaps (https://www.llanvalley.co.uk/soaps-9-c.asp) who keep their goats in the Dee Valley and each soap is handmade not mass made. It’s reassuring to know that you can meet the people who have made your product and there is a connection to the local environment.


  1. Less packaging involved – Plastic is a global issue and it can be easily combatted by choosing reusable packaging over single use plastic. Head to Porters Delicatessen to refill your olive oil, rice, lentils, seeds and laundry detergent (https://www.portersdeli.co.uk/index.php).

For more information on where to shop Plastic Free in Llangollen visit (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155653588521167&set=gm.192726688067701&type=3&theater&ifg=1)


  1. Fresh food tastes better! It’s as simple as that. The fresher the better!